Vladislav Djatšuk

“A little bit of humour, love and salt“ - this is how Vlad describes gastronomy.

Gastronomy is my everyday life. I am very meticulous about culinary details, fundamental techniques and cuisine that delivers the very best products of the earth to the table. Neither detail nor element can be less important or more important than the other. A good meal is an emotional experience that makes visitors happy.

My achievements

  • 2003 Chef of the year 1st place, Estonia, Tallinn
  • 2005 Baltic Culinary Star Cup 1st place, Russia, St. Petersburg
  • 2006 The Best coastal kitchen in Europe 3rd place, Sweden, Stockholm
  • 2008 Bocuse dOr Estonia selection 1st place, Estonia, Tallinn
  • 2008 Bocuse dOr Europe selection 7th place, Norway, Stavanger
  • 2011, 2012, 2013 Restaurant Tchaikovsky, Executive chef 1st place Best Gourmet restaurant “Silver spoon”
  • 2012, 2013 Tchaikovsky 1st place Best Restaurant 2013

My experience

  • 1999 Restaurant Gloria, Estonia Tallinn chef Dmitri Demjanov
  • 1999-2010 Restaurant Egoist Started as a Commis Chef and finished with 6 years experience of Chef de Cuisine.
  • 2009 Bocuse dOr Final 15th place, France Lyon the biggest world competition
  • 2004 Restaurant Palace Rannta, Helsinki, Finland chef Pekka Terava
  • 2004 Restaurant La Table Du Gourmet, Riquewihr, Alsace France, 1 Michelin Star, chef Jean-Luc Brendel
  • 2005 Restaurant Edsbacka Krog, Stockholm, Sweden 2 Michelin stars, chef Christer Lingström
  • 2007 Restaurant Au Crocodile 2 Michelin, chef Emile Jung
  • 2008 Restaurant Noma Denmark, Copenhagen 2 Michelin, chef Rene Redzepi
  • 2008 Restaurant Geranium, Denmark, Copenhagen 1Michelin chef, Rasmus Kofoed
  • 2009 Restaurant OLO Finland, Helsinki 1 Michelin chef Pekka Terävää
  • 2012 Restaurant Luomo, Finland, Helsinki 1 Michelin, chef Jouni Toivonen
  • 2013 Restaurant Four Season Hamburg, 2Michelin, Chef Karlheinz Hauser
  • 2008 - …. Belgian Embassy Ambassador private chef
  • 2010 -….. Restaurant Tchaikovsky Chef Executive



I am offering my knowledge in launching a new restaurant. I can create a menu for your restaurant, hire professional staff, plan a budget.


I can create a new menu for your restaurant and make financial part of the menu. I can also train your current stuff  to execute the menu. 

Exclusive dinner

I can make special dinner only for your event served with favorite flavors. 

Gala dinner and catering

I have a professional team and we are ready to organize different kinds of events for your company in Estonia or abroad. 


With my wide experience in gastronomy I can promote your special product. 

Training and workshops

I am offering trainings for professional chefs and  food lovers.

My portfolio

Here are some of my favorite works.


Copterline menu 2010

The event took place in Finland, Helsinki on the helicopter’s take off area. It was business meeting between Estonian and Finish companies. All the visitors including journalist and special quests enjoyed the food cooked from the Estonian products by Vladislav and his team.

2009 Bocuse d'Or, Lyon

The biggest and the most famous chefs’ competition in world

Bocuse d'Or video

Dinner in the sky 2014

Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 metres to discover high cuisine in the most extraordinary manner possible. The organisatrs invite the most famous chefs. Vladislav has serverd Dinner in the Sky in Estonia and in Finland.

Foodcamp 2014

Vladislav was one of the chefs at Foodcamp in Finland. Six first-rate chefs, six courses — stories about the power of love and passion on a plate. A unique culinary trip planned and executed by world-class chefs from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and Iceland.

Gourmee Theater 2015

This is a unique event where quest enjoyed the food and the play both together . Vladislav has serverd dinner for the audince of 180 people.

Chef to Chef 2014

Six chefs in the kitchen! One kitchen, one day, one event!